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Girlfriend, do you know how long I waited to get the summer body of my dreams? Years. 

I was afraid. I wasn’t committed.

I loathed dressing room mirrors.

I remember when I’d refuse to wear a bikini: I was frustrated and unhappy with my body.

I was frustrated with myself for not having enough time or motivation to work out.

I didn’t know what to eat, or if the foods I was eating were killing my results.

I was tired of trying dozens of different diets and exercise classes.

I didn't think I'd ever have a toned body. I thought a six-pack was for those cute girls on Instagram. But still—why couldn’t I just do better?

I knew there was a way, but I just didn't have the accountability or know-how to get there.

I needed a structured and organized approach to succeed. 


Here I am now: I’m a fitness coach and trainer, working with women just like you.

I know exactly how to tailor my workouts and nutrition to get results… any damn time.

I love wearing red lipstick and wearing tight clothes.

I’m proud of my body—not just because of the way it looks but of its strength and amazing endurance.

It’s taken me several years and trials to get here.

Lots of comparison…lots of confusion and disillusionment.

But you know what? I’m here.

And I want to take what I learned and give it to you.

I don’t want it to take you as long to enjoy your body.

I’m here to make your body transformation simple.

I’m teaching you to get rid of the stress of weight loss.

I’ll show you how to make “best shape of your life” into…well, a forever state.

You know where you want to be…and what you need is the “how to get there” part.

This is why I created the Summer Body Jumpstart.

It’s for women like you who don’t want a temporary fix that lasts a week.

Because when you're sick and tired of not seeing the results you crave, you need a little outside boost to fire you up and give you momentum.

This isn’t some random YouTube workout.

I created this program with you in mind.

My Summer Body Jumpstart is a guided, 4-week small group training program that challenges you to get your solid first results in a matter of weeks.

For real? Yes.

It’s a program created by a professional (me) who’s also struggled with and succeeded on her personal weight loss journey.

I know the steps. I know that fitness is simple.

So what’s Summer Body Jumpstart all about?

Summer Body (2).png

Do you promise to give it your all? Well, if you’re here, then I know you will.

Here’s a glimpse of what your fitness journey can be like in 30 days:


Oh, and did I mention that you can say “bye” to all the food drama and emergencies?

30 days from now you’ll be glowing from the inside out.

Will it be easy? Nope.

Will it be worth it? Hell yeah.

If you put in the work, you get the results. So simple.


Girlfriend, I’ve created this program just for you.

For the next four weeks I’m giving you the very best of me…

So that you can crush your body goals.

Here’s what this amazing program has to offer you:


What are you waiting for?