The Secret to My Discipline and Goal-Achievement

I wanted to give you the secret sauce. Yeah, I know you're intrigued; we all love the secret sauce, after all. I want to give you the secret to my discipline and goal achievement.

 I'm a "tips and secrets" addict, rummaging constantly through dozens of online articles. Heck, I've written a few myself back in the days of the good ol' content mills. 

People sometimes ask, "how do you get your motivation?" 

That's an excellent question; it's one I myself used to ask. If you really want to know how you get motivation, then I guess you may have to politely ask it: "what's your schedule?"

Because the truth is, motivation is an unpredictable flake. If motivation were a person, they're the friend who's all gung-ho one day about hanging out/having dinner/going to the gym but doesn't return your call the next day...only to appear again with a "hey girl!" two months later.

Yeah, I know all about motivation.

The question we should ask myself is: how can I build discipline?

Discipline is what you need in order to get through the dark valley of wanting to give up or not seeing the end in sight. Discipline sets your body and mind on an automode so that your thinking shifts from, "I think I want to do this," to "It is a given that I will do this because it is a fact of life."

Discipline takes the tasks we hate (exercise, drinking water, etc.) and turns them into the foundational clockwork for our daily existence. 

So now you're thinking, "so that's it?" Well, there's more to it. 

There's another part to my secret to discipline and goal-achievement: establishing a vital routine. 

The focus is on the word, "vital," because I don't just want you to perform any old tasks that get you nowhere. 

You vital routines are the list of daily actions that will get your furthest in achieving your goal: working out every day, eating your 5-6 healthy meals, and reading books or listening to podcasts that will strengthen your resolve and grow your mindset. 

If you have a business, then your vital routines may be different, but they are still a select handful of things that you do that will get you to where you need to be because they have the biggest impact on your life. 

And these vital routines cannot be done sporadically or when you feel like it; if you're serious about transforming your life, you'll do these daily. 

Vital routines are the lifeline of your success, and what happens when you do them over and over again? Well, that's where you develop discipline. 

And this leads me to my final point, about the flaky-friend motivation: if motivation sees that you're hanging out with discipline, it'll pay you a visit more frequently and eventually, it may stay. 


Libet Chang