A Letter to My Ideal Fitness Girl

I know you because you and I have a lot in common. 

Right now you are struggling to find success with your weight. It's not that you have a lot of weight to lose, but you cringe when you think of how just a few years of neglect have crept up on you. 

You never had a smooth belly and you probably did struggle with that roller-coaster weight, and now, to make things worse, you're heading into your thirties and you know that your body will change.

So what happens if you do nothing? Because it seems (and this is what frustrates you) that everything determines what you eat, when you eat, and whether or not you exercise: work, your spouse, your level of stress; but the last person in control is you. 

Will it get better? When should I start? Actually, the bigger question that you have (and it's one that disappoints you most) is: if I start, do I have the discipline to finish?

That one hurts, but you used to feel good about yourself. There was a time when you didn't have gray hair or the subtle sag. There was a time when you felt attractive and didn't close your eyes or turn away from the mirror in the flourescent dressing room. 

You feel like you've lost your edge because you lost control of you. 

Over all of these years (maybe it was the stress of graduate school, married life, motherhood, a new job, a tragic event, etc.) you forgot how to take control of your life. It's something that saddens, frustrates, and even angers you.

You want to take the next step, and you need and crave something to just open so you can blaze through and create that discipline in your life for putting yourself first.

If you're reading this, I need you to get fed up. That's all it takes--getting fed up of being fed up and deciding to do something about it. 

So what will you do? 

First, you'll make a decision right now. You have just made a decision and a promise--that you deserve better because deep down, you love yourself enough to give yourself better. 

Second, you'll start to seek out other women who are like you or were like you and who have made it to the other side. You see them now on the other end of their journey, offering you advice and helping you in some way or another. And you're attentive--you're intense when it comes to setting and meeting your goals and now that the fire it lit, who can put it out?

Third, you'll make a plan. You are making a plan right now and you'll continue to revise that plan. How will you transform your life? What areas of your life do you want to transform? We both know that it's not about the weight or the food--you want a lean and toned body because to you, that represents your health, vigor, and happiness. You want clean, sustainable foods because you are a conscious person who wants to feel good about what she eats. 

And lastly, you're going to think ahead and instead of simply envisioning your success, you are going to envision the journey that it will take, because you are a person who is as much in love with the journey as with the destination. 

Libet Chang