How to Incorporate Personal Development into Your Life (And Why It Matters)

I want to talk to you about something you may have overlooked. It's something that you may not be doing and, as a result, get sub-par outcomes. I want to tell you how to incorporate personal development into your life, and why it matters. 

I used to think that personal development was unnecessary. I used to think that I knew everything that there was to know. 

But then I kept failing at things: I wouldn't stick to what I started. How many times didn't I try some new diet or some new workout? And here's something you didn't know: before becoming a fitness coach, I was an aspiring content writer and trying to launch my online business.

Now, I wouldn't say that those were failures--after all, I'm still a content writer. However, three years ago I didn't know what I know now.

I now know that if you want anything to get done, you need to re-wire your thinking and your brain. Nothing gets done otherwise. Your worldview and self-perceptions are the gatekeepers to your success.

So if I told you now that you have the opportunity to permanently change your thinking and step on a path that will guarantee success, wouldn't you say, "gimme!"? 

Of course. 

And if I asked you, "are you operating at your maximum capacity each day?" what would your answer be? 

You see, I knew for a long time that I was operating at only 80% capacity and I was doing things halfway. And the only thing that has changed the direction of my success has been consistent personal development each day. Today I can skip a workout and eat a lifestyle meal without worrying about getting derailed. I am enjoying the best shape of my life, and it's not because I have some magic formula, or because my genetics are especially great--it's because I engage in personal development each day. 

If you want a list of my favorite personal development books, then you may want to look at this entry. 

So why does personal development matter? Well, if there's anything you should take away from what I've written above it's this: we are a product of our experiences. Unfortunately, we are often so shaped by our negative experiences. 

Being called "ugly" by your crush in middle school (oh yeah, true story!) will stay with you; it becomes an echo on replay in your head. 

Being the "fat girl" in high school or the "nerd" will stay with you; being the "failure" of your family or encountering negative people who shoot down your dreams--all of this creates and shapes our thinking, whether we want it or not. 

And sometimes, as a result of our experiences, we go through life on autopilot. Why wouldn't you want to change all of that?

This leads me to the next part of this entry: the how to incorporate personal development. You see, if your thinking took years to cultivate, it's going to take some time to re-cultivate and re-shape. The good news is, that once you begin that journey, you do begin to see results.

I read personal development 10 minutes per day...or, at least, that's my goal. 10 minutes? It's so easy! Exactly. It's easy to do, but it's easy not to do. At the same time, when I know that, even on my busiest days, all I have to do is open my phone's Kindle app, it's easy to tackle. 

However, because I've seen the benefits of personal development, I tend to read and listen to over an hour a day. Where do I find time for all of this? 

I listen to podcasts in my car while commuting to work; I listen to podcasts while doing the dishes or walking my dog; I read my Kindle books on my phone while waiting at the doctor's office or waking up with my coffee first thing--these are all the "hidden minutes" in your day that you can put to use. 

And this leads me to the last thing: what personal development should you read? I say everything. Well, as much as you can. From Napoleon Hill to Zig Zigler and Darren Hardy--if you're hearing top names out there on Pinterest or Oprah--you better believe that it's something you should read. 

Be open, be curious, and be willing to learn. Personal development is like eating healthy food each day--you do it daily and it needs to become part of your life. 

Are you ready to take this step? 

Libet Chang