My Review of the Plate by Zumba Program

I wanted to share my honest review of Plate by Zumba.

I must admit: I'm not always excited about the things that Zumba comes up with; and this comes from someone who's a major fan of this fitness program.  I have found that, as with the basic instructor training, some of the training that Zumba provides is rudimentary. A basic Zumba license, for instance, is  not enough to help you become a group fitness instructor.

And then, some months back, they came out with Plate by Zumba.

 I refused to invest in it. I didn't want to spend $100 on another basic overview on nutrition tips I already knew.

But then I changed my mind. Why so?

Well, I'm a fitness coach now. I run challenge groups, and I support other women in making fitness a permanent part of their lives. 

A few months back, I thought about becoming a nutritionist so that I could provide an added level of support for the people with whom I work, but after more thought I began to realize: I don't want to make meal plans for people, and neither do I want to "treat" anyone's health condition. 

I believe in the power of food as medicine, but I realized that the person with whom I wanted to work is someone who was already rather educated about food, but she maybe needed a more simple and authentic approach (something she could stick with). 

I wanted to be the tour guide and facilitator, and not the sage when it came to nutrition. 

And this is exactly why I gave in and invested in the program and I want to tell you all about it. 

First of all, it's simple to follow, yet it's not watered-down. It taught me things that I didn't know and it taught me to talk intelligently about food. 

Secondly, it's designed by experts who themselves discuss various tendencies in the world of nutrition and don't seem to only want to sell a Zumba product. 

Thirdly, it is designed to help you deliver this content to others, and it is structured with cues, prompts, and activities so that you can easily pass on the information to students and participants. 

So What Do You Call Yourself After Plate?

Let me be clear: the Plate by Zumba program does not give anyone legal permission to call themselves a "health coach," "nutrition coach," or "nutritionist,"as those are legally blurry terms that carry a certain set of implications. After all, we have to be honest with people. 

Upon taking this program one is a Plate by Zumba coach who guides students and participants through the world of nutrition in order to empower participants to make better choices. 

How Does the Program Work?

The program rests on the idea that food can be divided into groups, or categories. The focus isn't on eliminating or counting calories, but rather on wholesome foods from the "Essential" category, such as vegetables and legumes. 

This isn't a diet, but it is a way of understanding our food and balancing what we need to put on our plates. Some of the topics covered ranged from using food as a medicine to combat disease, to uncovering the addictive nature of certain foods, to some effective sugar detox tips. 

And here's why this is so important to me: I teach moderation when it comes to eating. More importantly, I teach authenticity and pursuing a diet that will become a permanent part of your life and one that you can sustain. So a program that helps me teach others about making the right nutritional choices for them is one that truly resonates with me and my coaching style. 

How Do I Bring This To My Students or Participants?

Going into the Plate by Zumba training, I already knew how I was going to use this content and deliver it to the people who matter the most to me: my customers, challengers, and the members of my Balanced Daily community

Plate has offered me so much value, and its most powerful aspect is the information which is easy to digest without being watered down. 

I don't need to complicate things. I just need to deliver content to the people who care enough about the value I offer them. Thus, I'm going to start using my monthly, 5-day challenges as a vehicle through which to deliver this information. Additionally, every time that I go live in my community or make a post, I am, after all, teaching my community members to incorporate these Plate principles into their eating. 

What more important: I can teach my challengers and community members that the most lasting change is one that is done slowly and incrementally, which is a strength of this program. 

So is the Plate training for you? That's a good question, and I'd say that it depends on your journey and situation. I myself needed to go through my own fitness transformation before I could even begin to give advice to others or inspire them. Had I invested in Plate back in July, I certainly would have a lot more much sooner. 

Are you ready to be a motivation and an example for your Zumba students? Are you ready to looking to become more educated about nutrition and confidently talk about it when a student asks you a question? Are you willing to develop and nurture that student-to-instructor relationship? 

Those are the questions I'd ask, and of course, I'd definitely say it was a worthwhile program in which to invest. 

Libet Chang