Become Available for Your Dreams

Sara Dann, who is an amazing business coach I follow (and responsible for helping me grow my business), has been saying lately: "become unavailable for anything less" than what you deeply desire. 

This is the kind of phrase that makes me pause. Viscerally I understand it, but it's one of those ideas that I'm still struggling to apply to my life. 

I say that I am made for more, but my actions speak otherwise...and I think this is the case for many other women, too. 

I say I'd like to become a master trainer for the STRONG by Zumba program, and yet I haven't taken the steps to complete an application. 

I say that I'm passionate about reaching as many women as possible, and help them transform their bodies and minds...and still, I haven't completed my mindset habit journal and put it up for sale. 

My actions aren't congruent with my desires. It's possible to deeply desire a certain life in the abstract, and still live in inaction. 

This is frustrating; it's like watching yourself drown and not being able to do anything about it. Here I am, sitting on the fence watching the other cars whiz by when mine is perfectly capable of getting on the road.

So what does it mean to be "unavailable" for less than what we desire? 

To me, this is where we get off the fence, stop thinking abstractly about what it is that we want...and take action. Affirmations are only as good as the action we take to cement their truth.

To me, becoming unavailable for anything less than our goals is about changing the way we operate on a daily basis: bringing our inconsistencies to light, calling out our fears, and taking action despite it. 

And let me tell you now: taking action despite fears is easier said than done...but not doing so keeps us on the fence, watching and waiting as others get the opportunities that are available to us, too. 

Making ourselves unavailable for anything less is also about safeguarding our energy and creativity, not allowing the anxiety of money or judgment plague our minds. 

Step away from toxic people and situations--make yourself physically and emotionally unavailable. For example, I've stopped working with clients who, in their unrealistic expectations, looked at my services as the magic wand that would fix everything. Letting go, for me, meant not working in a situation where I felt I had to strive and deliver an unrealistic result. 

Ultimately, stepping away from the things that drain us is what gives us the energy to attract the better life. 

Shifting your mindset is only the first step, because that mindset shift has to be followed by reverse engineering your goals and life and taking the small steps to make that happen. 

So what can you do to become available to your dreams and unavailable for anything less?

Let's start with this: treat your dream of mine like the single most important thing in your life; after all, haven't you granted equal importance to other things that didn't serve you? This is your time.

Next, I want you to commit to taking automatic action. Understand one thing: there's no reason why you're not deserving of your dreams--take action despite the it so you don't even think about it. 

And lastly, can you reverse-engineer your goals? Take a small step. For me, it really means printing out that master trainer application and putting a check next to each item. Because if I don't do it, someone else will.

Take action despite everything, because action is what your goals thrive's how we make ourselves available to our dreams. 

How will you reverse engineer your dream?

Libet Chang