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You want to feel attractive again; to feel noticed and proud of the body you walk in. 

You’re struggling with eating clean and working out consistently.

If only you could stick with it...because you’re fed up with chasing exercise fads and strategies—one after the other in hopes that something will work.

You're tired of putting yourself last. You're tired of not trusting yourself to actually exercise or say "no" to your food cravings. 

Enough of that. Let's take control of your body and give you the transformation you've been after all these years.

You don’t need another strategy. You just need a coach to help you finally make this a reality.

Introducing 21 days to Body Revive

This is a total fitness overhaul program designed for you. I want you to feel vibrant, gorgeous, and make fitness into a lifestyle.

The 21-Day Body Revive works around your specific body goals.

With individually-designed workouts, eating plans, and mindset coaching, it’s going to be your ultimate transformation.

I’m offering you a revival for you mind, body, and soul.

I’m Libet, your trainer and coach

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5 years ago I was miserable.

I felt unattractive.

I wore clothes bigger than my actual size because I was ashamed of...my actual size. 

I hated my lack of discipline. I felt drained. I skipped workouts. I felt out of control.

But that all changed for me in one summer when I began a weight loss journey with a friend.

Little did I know that that small 3-week challenge would trigger my transformation and, eventually, my career as a trainer. I’ve spent years learning about exercise programs, nutrition, and how to cultivate a high-vibe mindset.

It wasn't easy, but it was the real deal and it happened. Finally.

My life is radically different today. I no longer need to wish I were in some other woman's body...I have my dream body and I get to live in it Every. Single. Day. I’ve stepped into goddess-mode. I’m excited to go shopping and try on clothes, and I have the energy to take care of myself.

And yes—it’s taken me years to get here…but it doesn’t need to be that way for you. I created this program to give you to the most direct path to get here.

You, 21 days from now

I want you to fully step into and visualize what’s possible for you. 21 days from now this could be your reality:

You feel vibrant, inside and out: you can’t wait to work out, can’t wait to indulge in your fresh smoothies…your results are showing and you’re feeling in control.


Stunning: remember those jeans that once felt too tight and uncomfortable? They’re starting to get looser. You want to wear the leggings, paint your nails, and let your hair down. Believe me, you're looking better than ever before. 


Happy: this is why you started—to change your life. Your mood has shifted; you have more focus, and with the mindset coaching you’re receiving, you’re making important shifts in different areas of your life. Clear-headed and bold, you're ready to take on the world. 


How it Works

Exercise: At the start of our program, we discuss your goals and your needs and I design an exercise program just for you based on those goals and needs. Simple. This is exclusively designed around you.

Nutrition: Every body needs to fuel differently, which is why each week during those 21 days, you’ll get a meal plan designed by an expert…all to help you meet your goals. My nutrition coaching will help you transition into your new eating habits so that you don’t feel restricted.

Mindset: Each week you’ll have an exclusive, 45-minute coaching call with me so we can lay out your goal-setting strategies for the week. This is a new lifestyle change, and together we’ll turn you into the invincible woman who can tackle her obstacles, set goals, and crush them.


  • Lifetime access to a members-only workout library with your exercise videos.

  • Access to my private, V.I.P. coaching Facebook group where you get to ask me your questions and receive my support for 21 days.

  • A digital copy of my self-study Revive Mindset Journal with daily prompts and videos that will help you tackle the daily obstacles and help you become that more high-vibe, stronger version of yourself.

Ready to begin?

You’ll get my personal training, my coaching, and a nutrition overhaul for three weeks—all for $197.