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When's the last time you truly felt radiant? 

I mean unstoppable, desirable, and passionate? 

When's the last time you felt noticed and admired?

Balanced Daily is more than just fitness; it's more than nutrition. 

 I want you to feel stunning every day.

I want to help you use proper exercise and clean nutrition to finally reveal your beauty. 

I want to give you inspiration, practical steps, and a community of other beautiful ladies to ignite the fire on this journey. 

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I used to feel ugly. I was told I was ugly.

Do you know what it's like to know that you possess a unique beauty, even when no one else seems to see it?

Do you know what it's like to feel like you want to be a passionate, sexy, unstoppable goddess...but your life's "traumas and dramas" hold you back?

This is EXACTLY how I started my fitness journey. I had my rock-bottom, my breaking point, in 2012.

I was a depressed graduate student living in a 400 square-foot dilapidated shack in Los Angeles.

All around me were lithe bodies, bronze-glittered skin, youth, and and highly-conspicuous living of the "fine life."

I didn't have that. Any of it...and there's nothing like living in L.A. to pummel your self-worth.

I wasn't happy. I felt constantly stressed and broke (mounting student loan debt). At school, I never felt intelligent enough around all those scholars; in everyday life, I didn't feel attractive enough among all the aspiring models and movie stars. 

I gained weight; my body, under so much pressure, fell to an autoimmune disorder that scarred my skin.

I got married in May of 2011; by September of that year, I couldn't even squeeze back into my wedding dress. 

I didn't know if I'd feel good again or feel joy looking at my own body. 

And this was the result:


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It's not about how I looked (because you probably think I looked fine), but how I felt in my body: ashamed, uncomfortable, frustrated, and even angry.  It's painful to look back at these pictures--they represent a life I never wanted for myself

So what sparked change?

Utter frustration, anger, feeling drained by my job...misery: I imploded.

Until I started to re-think beauty: don't I deserve it, too? 

So I started with small steps and a big desire: I limited my portions, I delved into learning about the types of foods that could not only cure my Rosacea, but help me feel better. I committed myself to taking a Zumba class and increasing my endurance, and some months later, I was ready to progress to harder, more intense exercises--the crazy strengthening, plyometric exercises that finally got me sculpted. 

And between you and me, what I did wasn't all that extraordinary...I simply wanted a sexy, sculpted body. I wasn't willing to negotiate with myself. At every point I had to shut down the whole "she was born that way," excuse. I spent a long time uncovering my unique beauty and spark.





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My entire fitness journey was a physical transformation and a lesson...a lesson teaching me to celebrate my beauty, stop comparing myself to other women, to be bold, passionate, and unstoppable.


Getting my dream body took me years. It's not that transforming myself was hard...it's that accessing the right knowledge and tools took a long time--I was becoming my own fitness guide...and now I'm yours.

And girlfriend, I need to let you know that it doesn't have to be that way for you.  You don't need to wait as long as I did. 

I know you crave your beauty back...and that lean, sexy body of your dreams. 

Do you know where to start? 

Do you know how to make a fool-proof exercise and eating plan? 

Do you know how to turn this into a permanent lifestyle? 

I do, and I'll show you. In fact, I've shown other women as well. My question is: are you going to decide to make it happen, or continue to wait?


“Libet is wonderful! She has provided an essential foundation to my healthier lifestyle, encouraging me to stretch outside my comfort zone and try new things. She is supportive and kind in providing a clear understanding of nutrition and exercise, while holding me accountable to commitments I make in an effort to achieve my goals. I would recommend everyone work with Libet to maximize their potential and reach those goals!” Nicole A. (Everett, WA).


It's simple.


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