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Get organized and get started on your transformation with these simple-to-use templates that cover exercise, nutrition, and success mindset. You got this!


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Balanced Daily Workout Tracker

Never skip a workout again. Stay organized, have a plan, and take passionate action towards your goals. It's simple. It's clear. It holds you accountable. 

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Balanced Daily Meal Planner

Simplify your meal-planning and prepping. I'm giving you the template that I use to plan out my weekly meals (so I can stay on track) and my tips for becoming a meal-prep pro. This meal planner includes a simple shopping list template.

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Mindset Overhaul Journal

This journey is more than just about losing pounds. Why do so many women give up three-weeks in? It's because those who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. With the Mindset Overhaul Journal, you'll dig deep into your big why so you can ignite your mental clarity, stamina, discipline, and motivation every single day of this journey. Use this journal to create a permanent lifestyle change in yourself.

Access the videos to the Get Unstuck mindset overhaul journal below: