Libet is wonderful! She has provided an essential foundation to my healthier lifestyle, encouraging me to stretch outside my comfort zone and try new things. She is supportive and kind in providing a clear understanding of nutrition and exercise, while holding me accountable to commitments I make in an effort to achieve my goals. I would recommend everyone work with Libet to maximize their potential and reach those goals!
— Nicole A. (Everett, Washington)
Libet is a very precise and compassionate trainer. She breaks down her exercises into easy-to-follow steps and is great at creating a personalized plan based on individual goals!
— Krista D. (Sarasota, Florida)

My husband, my fur-minions, and my family are my life and everything that's precious.

As a transformational fitness coach and trainer, I help overworked women take back their passion and unstoppable beauty, with a nutrition overhaul, body-sculpting programs, and success-mindset training that will help them step into the life and body they deeply desire.

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Treat yourself to something that actually invigorates your body, mind, and kickstarts your fitness journey. 

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21-Day Fix Portion Control Containers

Portion-control isn't sexy.

But what if you learned how much your body needs to eat without  starving yourself and without counting calories?

What if eating the right thing could feel satisfying?

These 21-Day Fix portion containers are intuitive and the key to getting the toned waist of your dreams.

Lose the weight faster, and cut out the "dieting stress," so you can focus on overhauling your diet with this 7 pc., color-coded, and portable. 

[Shipping and taxes not included]

Beachbody on Demand Digital Workout Library

Always carving out time to go to the gym? 

Are you STILL not finding a group fitness class that satisfies you?

Gym classes designed for a general audience. They give general results.

With Beachbody on Demand, you'll  access over a $1,000-worth of targeted, varied digital workout programs from top trainers.

You'll ignite your results by following the daily workouts, program-specific meal plans, and an exclusive cooking show (Fixate) to turn you into a clean-eating goddess.  

Psst, did I mention you can access it from anywhere?

[Shipping and taxes not included]

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Supercharge Your Plate mini 7-Day program

The energy you crave starts with clean, wholesome food.

Step into that passionate, unstoppable beauty by boosting your energy, revving up your metabolism, and simplifying clean eating.

This mini-program will give you access to my 7-Day, no-brainer meal guide and 7  days' worth of Shakeology: the nutrient-rich, superfood "dessert" shake I drink every day.

[Shipping and taxes not included]

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